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​President & Research Director


Colleen O'Brien Cherry

​Education Director


Shan Su

Asia Projects Manager & Research Fellow


Benjamin Salazar

Tsamajain Indigenous Amazonia Fellow 


Liyanage Postdoctoral Fellow


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Kristen Rosamond


Nico Arcilla

Nico Arcilla is an avian ecologist and conservation biologist with 25 years of experience leading research and conservation projects on birds and other wildlife in response to human impacts. She has worked in the Americas, Africa and Madagascar, Europe and the Middle East, and the Pacific and Caribbean islands, including positions with the Smithsonian Institution,  Zoological Society of London, American Samoa Government, Drexel University, and the Crane Trust. She earned her B.A. from Yale University, her M.S. from Cornell University, and PhD from the University of Georgia. 

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Colleen O'Brien Cherry

Colleen Cherry has 25 years of experience working in various international and domestic settings on cultural and conservation issues. Her academic background is interdisciplinary, including a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geography, a Master of Science in Natural Resource Management, and a PhD in Environmental and Ecological Anthropology. Dr. Cherry uses this background to investigate culture change and its effect on the environment and health.

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Traugott Lawler

Traugott Lawler is Professor Emeritus of English at Yale University.  He is a specialist in Medieval English literature. He studied at Holy Cross, the University of Wisconsin, and Harvard, where he was awarded the PhD in 1966.  He taught at Yale 1966-72, at Northwestern 1972-81, and at Yale again from 1981 until his retirement in 2005. At Yale he was Master of Ezra Stiles College 1986-95 and 2002-3.  He is the author of The One and the Many in the Canterbury Tales(1981), one of the editors of the Riverside Chaucer, and editor of various other medieval English and Latin works.  In recent years he has written extensively on Piers Plowman, and published volume 4 of The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman in 2018. He has been married for over 60 years to Peggy Thormann Lawler, and they have four children and eight grandchildren. His mother taught him to know the birds and love them, and he always has.  

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Susan Dauphine

Susan Dauphine is a Judge of the Superior Court of the State of California, currently retired. She served as a judge in Monterey County for almost 16 years, presiding over juvenile, civil, criminal. and family law cases. Before that she practiced law for 23 years as a partner in a law firm in Monterey, California, and in Massachusetts and Minnesota. She is a cum laude graduate of Stanford University and Columbia School of Law. She also studied at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico and taught commercial law for 2 years to marines and sailors in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She has been President of the Monterey County Bar Association and started a foundation as President to provide legal services to those in need. She’s served on numerous nonprofit Boards and is a member of Rotary International and International Women’s Forum.
She has explored the world in a lifelong search to understand its people and creatures and strongly believes our birds and other endangered species must be protected.

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Lyn Gubser

Lyn Gubser is a specialist in interactive training with a background in higher education accreditation, research, and evaluation.  He served as Dean and Professor of Education at Western Illinois University and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Arizona. He earned his PhD and MS at the University of Oregon, and his bachelor’s degree in zoology and Asian studies at Oregon State University. He has served on boards including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Walt Disney's EPCOT Center, and the Cupp Foundation, and is presently active in urban forest rehabilitation and ecosystem degradation prevention.

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Ola Svensson

Ola Svensson is a research engineer at Stockholm University with a specialization in marine environmental monitoring. He conducted his Master’s research on benthic invertebrate community responses to banana farming practices in Costa Rica, and spent three years in the Federated States of Micronesia working at the Micronesian Maritime and Fisheries Academy. He has a lifelong interest in nature, conservation, and international development.

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Nathaniel Annorbah  

Ghana Bird Conservation Partner

Nathaniel Annorbah is a conservation ecologist and faculty member at the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Management, the University for Development Studies, Ghana. He is a Joint Coordinator for the Africa Region of the International Ornithologists’ Union Working Group on Parrots. With 15 years of experience in biodiversity conservation and management, Nathaniel has worked with the Zoological Society of London in Ghana, researching the impacts of logging on forest birds, and with the Ghana Wildlife Society, researching Afro-Palaearctic migratory birds. Prior to earning his PhD at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, he earned BSc and MPhil degrees from the University of Ghana. His research interests include the conservation of Afro-Palaearctic migrant birds and population studies of large mammals, parrots, and vultures in national parks.

Kolani Zebigou 

Togo Bird Conservation Partner

Kolani Zebigou is a farmer, public health officer, and indigenous Moba-Mamprusi community member and leader in the Savannes region of northern Togo. His extensive wildlife research experience includes using constant-effort mist netting and camera traps to quantify rain forest birds and mammals in Ghana and conducting transect surveys for birds in Ghana and Togo. He has organized community tree planting and other conservation efforts in northern Togo where he also assists the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Ouagadougou with community development projects for women and girls. In addition, he is documenting Moba and Mamprusi traditional stories about birds and other animals that relate to biodiversity conservation.  

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