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Good news for Snowy Plovers in California’s Monterey Peninsula!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

4 February, 2022

Western Snowy Plover resting in a footprint in the sand on Carmel River State Beach, California.

Western Snowy Plovers are prominently featured on new conservation signs installed on Carmel River State Beach and Monterey State Beach, both on California's Monterey Peninsula. These signs will alert beach visitors to the presence of these birds, who are threatened with extinction, and the need to protect them. IBCP has been pleased to collaborate with California State Parks to support the installation of these new signs, and to work together with other conservation groups and volunteers to bring awareness of the lives of these rare and special birds and their need for protection.

Plovers’ dependence on sandy beaches, which are also popular as recreational areas for people and dogs, can result in their exposure to frequent disturbance, harassment, and predation. On the other hand, while they are resting, these birds can blend in so well with the sand that many beach visitors are not even aware they are there!

New Western Snowy Plover sign installed at Monterey State Beach.

An excellent new article in Carmel’s newspaper, the Carmel Pine Cone, by journalist Chris Counts does a wonderful job of laying out some of the challenges and opportunities for plover conservation in Carmel and throughout the Monterey Peninsula. Local volunteer Yvonne Wright provided an award-winning plover photo for the article, in which biologist Carleton Eyster discusses his work color banding plovers to allow individuals to be monitored over the years, and California State Parks' Amy Palkovic explains how public participation is crucial to allow plovers to survive.

Fortunately, there are many online resources to support California’s Snowy Plovers. Moreover, California State Parks’ Snowy Plover Guardian program is poised to spread the word about the need to “share the shore” with our feathered friends by taking this message directly to the people through dedicated volunteers!

A new article in the Carmel newspaper highlights plover conservation.

Please join us for a Zoom training session in early March for Snowy Plover Guardians with California State Parks, on a date to be announced soon. Interested people should email:

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